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Post  decemberflower on Mon May 04, 2009 10:40 pm

I thought maybe some of y'all might be interested... in that Vietnam antiwar documentary
So, if you like, just stop by the trailer on your nightly youtube tour Wink (12minutes... there are shorter ones, too, but they're kinda pointless)

If you have a whole lotta free time on your hands you might wanna watch the whole thing (not such a good quality Sad as I said, they blocked that other page -_-) it's like 48 minutes (although the real real original is 1 hr 20 or sumthin i guess. i don't wanna spend 20 euros on it tho)

IT'S REALLY A GOOD DOCUMENTARY. Not so school-like, just really interesting. Well you have seen one minute already. ^^

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