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Post  decemberflower on Tue Dec 16, 2008 10:46 pm

Today German and Geography were canceled.

: we talked about the problems on page 75 and then about GIANT COVALENT STRUCTURES and metal features or so

English: finish activities in that first slide, I believe -_-
Maths: read book 130-132, do exc 1 (odd ones only)
---> TEST on Thursday!
German: FINISH Name der Rose until the end of Christmas break--> there will be a TEST in the first German period, 19 serious questions, 1 trick question. You don't need to remember the names, except of the ones we marked in the list--> pay attention on their behavior/ character/ what happens to them etc.

ALSO we need to organize a CHRISTMAS party thingy for the CAS periods!!! santa Graeulich??

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