01/27/09 -- deadline collage and trip to concentration camp

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01/27/09 -- deadline collage and trip to concentration camp

Post  decemberflower on Tue Jan 20, 2009 6:12 pm

we can talk about the trip once we know how to do the collage xD no but we can ask Baack about the trip tomorrow. at least people like linda and me, who don't have history, don't know.

COLLAGE: welcome mr president
the general idea was to put a big pic of obama on the page. reasonably. since we also need to enclose ourselves, jonny or someone had the idea to have our pics on the heads of obama's cabinet members, while he is shown with the inauguration pic from tonite that'll probably be very famous. (question- can we just use that pic? well i guess noone will care about the copyright or anything anyways ^^)
buuuut- i couldn't find a pic of all the cabinet members. are there really 13? or 14? and if there are, is there a pic of all of them together? or should we just take random people dressed in business suits or something pretending we are politicians along with him?

also, we could put the world map or so for the background. and maybe put flags or something like the whole world is cheering for him.

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