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Post  decemberflower on Thu Jan 22, 2009 11:36 pm

just tryin to offer news on homework before anton's nightly homework session starts Razz
but actually there's nuthin to do til tomorrow Smile

English: finish pdf file 4 I believe
Maths: everyone ---> read 6.7, Exercise 7: 1a), 1c), 1d) and 2 and 3 (Monday)
HL ----> finish chapter 17.2 do only one for each problem (like only a)
Chemistry: investigation due on next Thursday!!! (next chemistry class in two weeks, tho)
criteria design and conclusion! you can look in the back of the study guide to find a sort of checklist for the investigation

Don't forget about the VA session tomorrow... 1.30-4.30
and I guess 12 euros for Baack on Tuesday

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