Recent hw. For the "break" and so on

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Recent hw. For the "break" and so on

Post  decemberflower on Thu Jan 29, 2009 6:16 pm

cuz we have so much time... uuummmm Rolling Eyes

since some of y'all weren't there yesterday/ today i decided to supply y'all with the information Wink
it's looots

*first, geography; tmr*
don't forget that old hw:
+ read p499 sustainable development
+ pp 500-505 focus on "appropiate technology"

+ due on Thursday 2/5: read Etherton pp 110-118 do exc pp 111-115 (he handed the copies out. dunno if y'all wanna pick them up tmr or Wednesday or whenever)
+ due on Monday 2/9: read "Analyzing literature checklist", summarize key points; (another copy)
aaaand due same day do exc pp 117,118 (Etherton)
+ due on Wednesday 2/11 Death of a Salesman 1) character chart including age, job, characterization, relationships etc. (key points) 2) chronology of plot (in order to clarify the order of present and flasbacks)
[btw, we're supposed to have read it NOW already.. so i guess we better read it til after the break]

yeahh "that's it" for English but he said it be more than 4 hours of work (he said he'll get us working now...)

EVERYONE: we covered 6.7 yesterday
-> next lesson: read 6.8, due all odd exc (a+c only)
HL: we covered 17.2 today
-> finish exc 17.2 (however much practice one needs) and read 17.3 (it's like 10 pages he told us not to get frustrated during reading. lol.)
ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO problems of 17.3 too????

don't forget to turn in the lab report tmr -> maybe u can send it to his e-mail:
-> next thursday exc. p 98

have a nice long weekend Smile if u don't have to come to geography. like me. -_-
cuz it seems like we won't have any cas... freimann gave us the "report cards" today

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