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Post  decemberflower on Tue Feb 17, 2009 12:30 am

Well why not post the hw now. Seems like a few people are comin by after all ^^

Math: [haha i just looked it up; mathS is right, too, but "chiefly British"]
due on Wednesday -- read 7.3, do problems 1-3
also due on Wednesday HL read 7.2, do 1-3

HL on Thursday: have a lookt at the assignment from 02/13 Razz

English nothing, right? do the Etherton stuff ya haven't done yet ^^
meeting in 345 always from now on. (he has got a key now)
German: read Medea until p.20, have a look at Virtuelles Antikenmuseum at the Uni Goettingen

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