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Email from Mr Freiamnn...

Post  ducquang on Sun Oct 05, 2008 11:16 pm

Hi everybody, Oct. 5, 1008

I think it’s time you heard something from me.

First, there are some reminders for some of you:

1. please think of handing in written excuses for times of absence to me, when the respective teachers have signed them
2. some of you still have to hand in things
a) “Why decide for the IBDP?”: Barbara, Uta, Marcel, Roman
b) “Wahlbogen” and signatures: Andreas, Roman
3. donations from sponsors for Ethiopia should be put into a closed envelope and given to me (to be passed on by me). Bank transfer is possible, too (If you don’t trust me.).

Next some basic information from the parents’ evening:

Dr Monazahian and Mrs Meyer-Borgstaedt are the parents’ representatives.
Prof Bodenschatz, Mrs Meyer-Borgstaedt and Dr Monazahian are representatives for conferences.
Parents asked for information on the assessment criteria and procedure in all subjects. As far as this is concerned, I have given you some information in our first meeting this year, and my colleagues informed me that they have given you more detailed information. This will still be rather abstract and only become more familiar when experienced in concrete cases. What I will add is information on the minimum IB requirements and those of the standing conference of German ministers of education (KMK).
Parents also asked why your group does not have a classroom. I explained that other courses in your age groups do not have a classroom either, but in some cases they have the classes their tutor teaches in his subject in the same room. I would like to hear your opinion on Friday 10.
Asking teachers for future parents’ meetings was another point. This is rather unusual in our “Oberstufe”, but should not pose a problem, if the need arises.
Parents also asked for a calendar for the two DP-years. I gave you a list of deadlines on the very first day. Again, if there are further questions, please ask them on Friday 10.
A list of the names of all teachers involved, all parents and students was also considered (including e-mail and phone numbers). I would like to hear your opinion on this, too.
Concerning a trip I informed the parents on the invitation of the school in Athens to meet with students from various schools for a few days on the Peloponnes. Some parents thought this was quite expensive, and suggested something cheaper. I hope they or you can present something concrete in this respect.

Two more points that have come up in the weeks since the parents’ meeting:

There has been a suggestion to establish something like a letter box or pigeon hole for you in the library. Please think about this or a better way of exchanging information.
The teachers will of course give you feedback on your performance so far, either before the fall holidays or in the two weeks afterwards.


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