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Post  decemberflower on Sat Mar 14, 2009 2:14 pm

Okay Ima post the hw of the last days...
of course any of y'all can do that, too, if Anton or I don't do it ^^

Englisch: learn your scene by heart, bring everything you need
Math: review.
HL> finish 17.4 and begin the review
everyone> (til last Wednesday, if you haven't done it yet) 8.3 all odd ones + #2, read 8.4, do 1a + 2a
German: Figurenkonstellation Medea, Der Tod und das Mädchen lesen
Geography: read p 425, pick one assignment (all of it) on p.460

We could also organize a little math study group before the mock exam (maybe he'll even postpone it?), just sit together in a cafe and do review exercises or so... I think that works out really well. Although we might not go through too many exercises, any question can be asked, while we always have to hurry a little more during class

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